What size paper do you print?

Maximum Size: Ledger  - A3
Printable Paper Sizes: 3.5” x 5.5” to 11” x 17”
Printable area approx. 10.75” x 16.75”


Do you provide the paper?

Yes, we do. 

The Riso can print on paper sizes up to 11" x 17" and weights from 20lb bond to 110lb. 

Riso inks work on most uncoated papers, and do not work on any coated papers or tracing papers. If you are looking for a specialty paper stock, we recommend checking out French Paper Co.

We use paper stock Vellum Bristol Cover in white and yellow. 

How much does printing cost?

Quotes are created based on designs needed, paper requirements, quantity of colors and copies.
Just as with screenprinting, production time is spent mostly on setting up the job, so the main cost is derived from the designs and colors needed.

Do you do design work?

Yes, Secret Riso Club is also a design studio. Please message us for individual quotes on design projects.


What's the best way to Set up files To Be Sent?

To prepare your artwork for printing, first you need to save each color layer as a separate PDF. Keep art as vectors (outlined) when exporting. All solid shapes and type should be set to Registration Black.

Please send us your work in PDF format or JPEG (High-res - 300-600 DPI). Images in PDF must be JPEG, grayscale and 300dpi; no effects and no transparency. You can also send us an Illustrator file with separate layers.

Fonts cannot be smaller than 5pt.

Due to the quirks of Riso, avoid large areas of block color (they should be max 75%) and heavy ink.  Be sure to send us a full color JPEG or PDF as a reference.


How will my work look printed with riso?

We will do our best to give you a clear idea of how your design will print, but as riso is a process dealing in color layering and gradient work, prints will not be like a laser ink print.  Riso is a vibrant and rewarding way to print your designs, so you will most likely be enamored with the results.


Do you have a minimum print amount?


I have a different question...


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