Fuck White Privilege
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Fuck White Privilege tee


Sorry I’m white…

“Fuck white privilege” does not mean “fuck white people” (although sometimes that’s appropriate…).

White privilege is the system of privileges given to white people based on a long and deeply ingrained history of racism and inequality. White privilege does not mean every white person has it easy. It doesn’t mean white people have never had individual struggles. It means the current and historical political, social, judicial and financial systems in place not only benefit white people, but actively work to retain that power within the group. White privilege is rarely being made aware of the fact that you are white. White privilege is having your identity be the “default”, the “normal” instead of another equally recognized and represented identity. White privilege is having any hardship you encounter be blamed on external factors, not your race. White privilege is choosing when to think about white privilege.

So, yes, fuck white privilege.

Text by Tara Ridgedell, a white woman.

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Fuck White Privilege